Cure For Type 1 Diabetes 2012

by admin on November 24, 2017

For decades scientists have been trying to find the cause of diabetes, as well as the cure for diabetes. While type 2 diabetes can be managed, and in many cases even reversed, by employing a good combination of diet and exercise, the cure for type 1 diabetes remains elusive. Until today.

Cure for type 1 diabetes 2012 – the background

We all know that type 2 diabetes develops slowly and gradually, most likely starts in adulthood, usually due to sedentary lifestyle and in many cases for being overweight. However, type 1 diabetes is quite different. It usually starts early (in childhood), and it happens relatively quickly. As mentioned above, type 2 diabetes can be managed by making sure we eat a good and healthy diet, preferably low in GI index, combined with a good exercise regimen. Unfortunately, type 1 diabetes can only be managed with insulin.

cure for type 1 diabetes 2012 cure for type 1 diabetes 2012

For many years researchers have looked for a cure for type 1 diabetes. Progress has been made, and now we have just got good news in 2012.

Researchers at the University of Colorado claimed that they have found a cure for type 1 diabetes. That is the good news. The so not good news is that the cure at this time has been proven to be working in mice only. They announced that the research team will determine if it could prevent the disease in humans as well after further research and tests.

Cure for type 1 diabetes 2012 – how does it work?

One of the researchers, Dr. David Wagner, said that the secret was in T-cells. He was able to isolate the specific T-cells that he suspects attack the pancreas and cause the onset of most type 1 diabetes. As we know pancreas is where our insulin is produced.

Dr. Wagner and his team have developed a drug that works in mice by attacking those bad cells. According to the statement from the team, this finding can have a big implication to the research of finding the cure for type 1 diabetes. At this time, this specific drug is called “cd40 inhibitory peptide”, although this is still an unofficial name.

type 1 diabetes cure research type 1 diabetes cure research

Cure for type 1 diabetes 2012 – will this work?

So far the researchers are not sure that this will work on humans as well, but previous studies have shown that any finding on mice will have a huge success factor in finding the cure in humans.

At this time, they are certain that it has an impressive effect on mice. The drug cd40 inhibitory peptide has proven not only preventing mice from developing diabetes, it is shown to also reverse the effects of type 1 diabetes in mice that already have the disease, similar to how diet and exercise works on reducing the symptom of type 2 diabetes in humans.

stem cell diabetes type 1 stem cell diabetes type 1

Cure for type 1 diabetes 2012 – the next steps

What needs to be done now is for the team to get the FDA approval for human trials. This type of trial will usually last at least one year, and it will take several more years before the drug can be produced and sold commercially, once again after getting FDA approval.

Based on previous experience, we can expect the drug to reach the market in the next 5 to 10 years.


Meals for Diabetics Type 2

by admin on November 24, 2017

meals for diabetics type 2 info meals for diabetics type 2 info

Most people have this misconception that if you have diabetes type 2 then your options for meals will be severely limited. Meals for diabetics type 2 are delicious, rich and varied if you know what to choose.

meals for diabetics type 2 recipes meals for diabetics type 2 recipes

Meals for diabetics type 2 – overview

First you should know about glycemic index, which measures how fast a certain food can cause your glucose or also known as blood sugar level, to spike really high after a meal. High glycemic index food, also known as high GI food, should be avoided. Low GI food will raise your glucose level more slowly and over time, will stabilize your glucose level as well as the HBA1C number.

foods for type 2 diabetes foods for type 2 diabetes

Meals for diabetics type 2 – the GI index list

When it comes to choosing the right meals for diabetics type 2, the first and foremost action plan is to avoid high GI food. Below is a short list of high GI food.

Potatoes – baked potatoes, French fries, potato chips.

Rice – short grain white rice, long grain white rice, jasmine rice, sticky rice, enriched rice.

Bread – white bread, Italian bread.

Bakery products – bagels, pretzels, donuts, croissant.

Juice – almost all kind of fruit juice need to be avoided since they are high in sugar. Most are made from concentrate with added sugar.

Fruits – melon, watermelon, pineapple, cherries, dried cherries, raisins, grapes.

Cereal – most cereals have high GI index, for example fruit loops, corn flakes. One exception is the All Bran which has a medium to low GI index so it is safe to consume. Look at the labels closely to find out the sugar and carb content.

ŸMeals for type 2 diabetics ŸMeals for type 2 diabetics foods for type 2 diabetes foods for type 2 diabetes

Meals for diabetics type 2 – food with low GI index

Pasta – most pasta have medium GI index, so they are safe to consume. Pasta is a good substitute for rice and potatoes as the source of carb. We still need healthy carb as part of our diet.

Rice – although rice is bad for people with type 2 diabetes, there are exceptions. Basmati rice and brown rice are acceptable.

Bread – similar to rice, almost all bread are bad for people with type 2 diabetes, with the exception of pumpernickel bread which has low GI index, and sourdough bread which has medium GI index.

Fruits – bananas, most berries (strawberry, blueberry, blackberry), prunes, apples, oranges. Fruits should be eaten in moderation if they are medium GI index such as oranges.

Vegetables – almost all vegetables are safe to eat.

Beans and peas – beans and peas are good for people with type 2 diabetes. For instance, black beans, red beans, green peas, chickpeas, and any other kind of beans are low in GI value and safe to consume.

Meat, poultry, fish, and other seafood products – this is safe to eat because they do not have GI value. Of course you still have to eat them in moderation because they contain fat and cholesterol, so eating too much of this is not good either.

meals for diabetics type 2 meals for diabetics type 2

Meals for diabetics type 2 – summary

Based on the list above, you can easily make a conclusion of what kind of meals you can safely consume. For instance, you can make any meal containing baked salmon, grilled chicken, with salad and baked beans as a side. You can easily find a lot of recipes online as long as you choose from the low GI index food above.


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