How Does Type 1 Diabetes Affect The Body

by admin on June 22, 2018

Diabetes is a disease that affects our body’s ability to process glucose in our blood. Obviously, since the amount of glucose in our body can not be neither too high nor too low, the presence of glucose is an important factor to consider. How does type 1 diabetes affect the body? This is the question that most people have when dealing with type 1 diabetes. Let’s find the answers to how does type 1 diabetes affect the body.

How Does Type 1 Diabetes Affect The Body

how does type 1 diabetes affect the body how does type 1 diabetes affect the body

The question of how does type 1 diabetes affect the body is the most common question asked by parents of children who suffer from type 1 diabetes. Here are some key issues related to type 1 diabetes:


The most common concern for type 1 diabetes sufferers is heart disease. This is because high blood sugar in our body has a bad impact on our cardiovascular system. The most common symptom reported by type 1 diabetes patients is chest pain, which is a sign that there is an issue with the heart. Therefore heart attack is the most common issue. It is very important to keep the glucose level at a very stable level; hence daily blood test is a must. If you suffer from chest pain that is a very good sign that your heart is in trouble and a proper attention to your glucose level needs to be improved.

Blood vessels

Another answer to the question of how does type 1 diabetes affect the body, is the blood vessels. Similar to heart attacks, type 1 diabetes can cause the narrowing of the blood arteries, with the most common impact come in the form of stroke caused by high blood pressure. The narrowing of blood vessels increases dramatically with a constant high and low of glucose level in your system. The stable your blood sugar is, the better chance you have to avoid any problem related to blood vessels or cardiovascular diseases in general.

what diabetes does to the body what diabetes does to the body

Nerve damage

One of the most noticeable side effects of type 1 diabetes to answer the question how does type 1 diabetes affect the body, is nerve damage. Why? Because the symptom is very easy to detect; which are tingling, burning, or numbness in your toes and feet. The reason is because the nerve in those areas have been affected or damaged by the high blood sugar. Remember that high glucose affects blood vessels, which includes the ones in those areas since they are farther way from the heart. If not treated, this problem can spread further up into the legs and more.

Eye damage

Your doctor will recommend you to see your eye doctor at least once a year. The reason is because problems with your eye are very common when you have type 1 diabetes. An annual eye checkup is highly recommended if you are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

There are quite a few more answers to the question how does type 1 diabetes affect the body, but the issues discussed above are by far the most common ones. It is crucial to follow the doctor’s recommendation and to perform daily blood sugar test, to ensure that your glucose level is always in control.


Diabetes Health Counselor Job Description

by admin on June 21, 2018

One of the fastest growing jobs we have today is a job which is in health related industry, including diabetes management. That is why diabetes health counselor job description is one of the most sought after information. Read below for the best information on diabetes health counselor job description.

What is diabetes health counselor job description?

Diabetes health counselors are specialists who are responsible for providing education as well as advice on the various options in managing diabetes. Diabetes is a fast growing disease in the United States in recent years, so the demand for diabetes health counselor has increased dramatically as well. The diabetes health counselor job description includes other types of health related skills that are factors in diabetes management and prevention.

diabetes health counselor job description diabetes health counselor job description

Diabetes health counselor job description is a certified position that can work in various health related industry, such as doctor’s office, clinics, medical centers, and hospitals.

Why this job is important? Diabetes health counselor is very important because there are so many ways in managing and preventing diabetes that the public are still unaware of, and this job is distinctly separate from physicians and nurses. Counseling is an important factor in the success of diabetes management through understanding the need of very strict and specific nutrition program as well as tailoring an exercise regimen for diabetes patients.

There are too many cases of diabetes, whether it is new cases or existing pre diabetes condition that instead of getting better, they turn into full blown diabetes situation, which could have been prevented. The reason is a lack of public awareness.

To understand more about diabetes health counselor job description, below is a list of what they can do in the diabetes management field. The following list and its description is not a full list of diabetes health counselor job description.

diabetes health counselor responsibilities and daily activities diabetes health counselor responsibilities and daily activities

Diabetes Health Counselor Job Description

  • Tailor a program for the patient with sensible meal program and selection.
  • Work closely with the doctor and dietician to devise a chart or list of smart food choices.
  • Analyze and discuss with the patient a workable exercise program, whether at home or at a gym.
  • Inform and advise the patient about medication, the pluses and minuses of each, and discuss the side effects of any medication the patient is taking.
  • Able to track and monitor progress of the diabetes condition of the patient including daily report as well as regular A1C test result.
  • Inject insulin if required, and able to teach and assist the patient on how to perform the duty.
  • Have a good communication skill as well as a caring personality since this job requires a lot of these activities.
  • Able to communicate with the physicians and dieticians and discuss the diabetes management in scientific terms as needed.

The above list is only a partial list from the entire diabetes health counselor job description that is available. Every employer will have different list and requirement based on their specific needs, but the above list will give you an idea what the job entails and whether that is something that you are interested it.


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