Children’s Diabetes Symptoms

by admin on March 29, 2020

Children’s diabetes symptoms can be difficult to detect since children may not report the situation to the parents soon enough. However, there are obvious symptoms that any parent should look for to understand children’s diabetes symptoms as outlined below.

Children’s Diabetes Symptoms

What you need to understand first about children’s diabetes symptoms is that this is what is called juvenile diabetes or type 1 diabetes. This type of diabetes usually starts early during childhood, and it can develop very rapidly from the onset. That is why understanding children’s diabetes symptoms is very important because the signs can develop in a matter of weeks, not months.

children's diabetes symptoms children’s diabetes symptoms

There are several key signs and symptoms that you should pay attention to, among those are:

Increased thirst. This is caused by the excess sugar builds up in your child’s bloodstream, which causes fluid to be pulled from the cell tissues. This absorption of fluid from the cell tissues makes your child feels thirsty. That is why your child will feel thirsty very often, and this is one of the first and most obvious signs you should look for.

Frequent urination. Related to the point above, if your child feels thirsty often, and drinks more fluid than normal, the obvious impact is that your child will urinate very often. Sometimes if your child is very active, it is very easy to mistakenly conclude that the increased thirst and frequent urination is due to the high activity, therefore you need to pay close attention to these two children’s diabetes symptoms.

diabetes ichildren's diabetes symptoms - n kids signs and symptoms diabetes in kids signs and symptoms

Extreme hunger. Since there is a lack of insulin to regulate sugar into your child’s tissues and organs, the muscles and organs become lacking in energy due to the lack of sugar. This causes the feeling of extreme hunger. If your child suddenly feels hungry very often which out of ordinary, this is a very good sign that the blood sugar level increases.

Weight loss. Unexplained weight loss is another tell-tale sign in children’s diabetes symptoms. The reason is because the lack of sugar causes the muscles to shrink; hence it reduces the overall body weight. Combined with the increased appetite due to your child’s extreme hunger condition, this is a very easy way to make a conclusion something is not right.

children's diabetes symptoms - diabetes in children symptoms diabetes in children symptoms

Fatigue. Feeling tired is another sign which is probably less noticeably compared to other signs and symptoms outlined above. However it is a sign that you should pay attention to. The reason for the unexplained fatigue feeling is due to your child’s tissues are lacking in energy. If your child normally has an active lifestyle and suddenly feels fatigue, that’s a sure sign right there.

Irritability or unusual behavior. Your child may show symptoms of irritability or unusual behavior. If you see these signs, your child may have undiagnosed type 1 diabetes. Combined with the other symptoms, this will make more sense for you to make a conclusion.

Blurred vision. One of the side effects of high blood sugar is a blurry vision. If you child reports a blurred vision, that is another sign for you to watch out.

Those are the children’s diabetes symptoms. By closely monitoring your child for those symptoms you will be able to detect it early enough and get the medical attention as soon as possible.

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