How to Tell If Your Diabetic

by admin on June 2, 2020

Have you wondered how many people are diagnosed with diabetes each year and they don’t know it? The answer is, almost all of them. That is why it is important to know how to tell if your diabetic. There are easy ways to find out.

Statistics show that few people come to their doctor asking about their health due to symptoms of diabetes, which means people today have diabetes and they do not know about it. When they come to their doctor, for instance for their annual exam and get blood work done, they find out they have diabetes. That’s why knowing how to tell if you’re diabetic becomes the most important question in today’s health world.

Let’s go through the most common symptoms one by one.

how to tell if your diabetic how to tell if your diabetic

How to tell if your diabetic

The most common symptoms of diabetes are: frequent urination, extreme thirst, extreme hunger, blurry vision, cuts and bruises that do not heal, frequent infections, tingling and numbness on hands and feet.

Let’s discuss and analyze the symptoms above on how to tell if your diabetic one by one.

Frequent urination

If you need to urinate more often than you normally do, then this is a sign of being diabetic. The reason is because when your blood sugar is high, your body’s cells and tissues do not get enough energy. This lack of energy is causing the signal to be sent to the brain that you need more water, so you feel thirsty. When you drink more, then you urinate more. If you have this symptom then please look for the other symptoms below because the more symptoms you have, the better diagnosis you can make.

Extreme thirst

Even though this is second on the list of how to tell if your diabetic, this symptom is actually the first one. The problem is most people do not realize this symptom is related to diabetes at all, they just think they need to drink more. But if you are not exercising or working outdoor and you have extreme and frequent thirst, then it is a good sign in how to tell if you’re diabetic.

Extreme hunger

Similar to the above, the lack of energy due to high blood sugar will cause you to feel unusual hunger. Once again, please make sure you are paying attention to other symptoms as well to draw a better conclusion.

how to tell if you re diabetic how to tell if you re diabetic

Blurry vision

Once again similar to previous symptoms, the cells in your eyes also need energy, and the lack of energy carried by the blood is causing you to have blurry vision.

Cuts and bruises that do not heal

One of the most common symptoms of having high blood sugar is the slowness of healing. The easiest way to see is of course on your skin since it is on the surface. If you notice small cuts, including paper cuts, that do not heal fast, that is a sign of high blood sugar.

Frequent infections

Other infections include sore throat, may not heal fast if you are diabetic.

Tingling and numbness feeling on hands and feet

Last but not least, if you have tingling on your limbs, that is a sign on how to tell if your diabetic.

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