Diabetic Teaching for Patients

by admin on June 3, 2013

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a tough blow to any person regardless of age, gender, or social status. After the initial shock and anger, the feeling of sadness and depression is not unheard of. Some people feel they are alone and do not deserve to have this disease. That is why diabetic teaching for patients is very important because not only it will help them in managing the disease, but in some cases it has the potential of reversing it.

diabetic teaching for patients diabetic teaching for patients

There are many options when dealing with diabetes, in which we will discuss them all one by one in this article. Among them:

What’s next

Where to find resources

Support structure

Lifestyle change

Diabetic teaching for patients – what’s next

You go to your doctor for your annual check up, then you wait for the blood test result to come back, usually in a week or so. Then you get that phone call from your doctor’s office, informing you that you have diabetes. Usually they will order you to go to a Lab for an HBA1C test to be sure. Sounds familiar? It should be, because studies show that this is how people find out they have diabetes in the first place in a vast majority.

diabetes education for patients diabetes education for patients

The problem with that is that this means usually the diabetes is already at a stage where it passes pre-diabetes condition, a small window of opportunity where you can easily reverse it back into normal. However, do not despair, because even if you have full blown diabetes, a combination of medication and adjustment in your lifestyle can manage it and enable you to lead a full life.

If your doctor hasn’t done so, you should request to get a referral to a dietician near you. The dietician will be able to help you with tailoring a diet program that will work with your habit. The best part is that this is covered by most insurance programs. Please check with your insurance to be sure.

Diabetic teaching for patients – where to find resources

For most people, please check with your office Human Resource department and ask them to provide you with resources available to you. Most large corporations will have this information handy, or if not they will be able to direct you to some organizations or websites that will provide you with the information you need.

You can also check with your doctor’s office to get brochures which contain whatever information you need in managing diabetes.

Diabetic teaching for patients – support structure

Family and friends are the best support structure you can get. Please be sure to inform your family and closest friends about your situation, they will be one of the most important support structures that you need.

Diabetic teaching for patients – lifestyle change

As mentioned above, once you adopt the new diet and exercise style tailored to suit you by your dietician, you basically use it as your new lifestyle. It will help you to manage your diabetes and in many cases help you to lose weight too. If you have any problems during this process, your family members and closest friends will be your support structure. You need to involve them in your pursuit to successfully manage your diabetes.

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