What is Diabetes 1.5?

by admin on May 1, 2013

Most of us are familiar with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Most even know the term juvenile diabetes, which literally means diabetes in children, which of course is type 1 diabetes. The reason it is called juvenile diabetes is because its onset is usually since childhood, hence the term juvenile. We also know gestational diabetes, which is a form of temporary diabetes if you will, suffered by pregnant women. This type of diabetes usually will disappear after pregnancy. But not many of us have heard diabetes 1.5 or called LADA.

So, What is Diabetes 1.5?

diabetes 1.5 diabetes 1.5

Diabetes 1.5 is actually a type 1 diabetes, but it is the kind of diabetes that appears more slowly in adulthood and progresses almost as slow as type 2 diabetes. I mentioned LADA above as the other common name for diabetes 1.5. This is a more common name among doctors and researchers, and it stands for latent autoimmune diabetes in adults, hence the acronym LADA. Since this diabetes 1.5 appears in adults and progresses slowly, many doctors actually misdiagnose it as type 2 diabetes. In recent years, with more sophisticated tests, doctors are able to diagnose diabetes 1.5 better and in turn are able to provide a more accurate treatment sooner. For most of us, however, we can simply call diabetes 1.5 as a more slowly progressing type 1 diabetes. Once again, although it is an adult onset diabetes, diabetes 1.5 is not a type 2 diabetes.

type 1.5 diabetes symptoms type 1.5 diabetes symptoms

So how do we differentiate between diabetes 1.5 and type 2 diabetes?

The short answer is, we cannot. It is up to the doctors to do some additional tests to find more about diabetes type 1.5. This is done through blood testing to find autoantibodies. If the autoantibodies is found, then it is definitely not type 2 diabetes simply because this is a key factor in diagnosing type 1 diabetes. The key difference here is that diabetes 1.5 appears in adult, hence it is not type 1 diabetes.

This autoantibodies is a key characteristic of type 1 diabetes. It is not present in type 2 diabetes at all. Therefore it is clear from the scientific way of defining diabetes, that type 1.5 diabetes is much more closely related to type 1 diabetes. Please note that there are other characteristics and tests that can be done to do a better diagnosis by your doctor. This is only a partial, albeit important, difference between the three types of diabetes that we know today.

Confusing? You should not be confused because type 1 diabetes and diabetes 1.5 is basically the same; it’s just that diabetes 1.5 appears in adulthood, as opposed as diagnosed in the early years.

type 1.5 diabetes type 1.5 diabetes

However even though it is just another form of type 1 diabetes, the treatment can be a little bit different. But knowing and understanding the key differences between the two can be very important in tailoring an effective treatment. You should work closely with your doctor and dietician to find a way to manage diabetes 1.5 and to understand that a very productive and healthy life is very possible even with diabetes 1.5.

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