Is Oatmeal Good For Diabetics?

by admin on January 22, 2014

Diabetics must choose their food carefully. Eating the wrong food can lead to serious effects such as nausea, dizziness, and in rare cases death. One of the most popular quick fix foods is oatmeal. Is oatmeal good for diabetics?

The foods diabetics must avoid are those that fall into the high glycemic index food. High glycemic index food, also known as high GI food, is the one that contains carbohydrate that can spike your glucose level. Examples of high GI food include white rice, white bread, orange juice and many other kinds of juices, pancakes, waffles, croissants, most cereals, bagels, donuts.

is oatmeal good for diabetics is oatmeal good for diabetics

The problem is, those food mentioned above are common to have as breakfast. How about oatmeal? Is oatmeal good for diabetics? The answer is yes. Oatmeal in general will not cause a spike in your blood sugar level, as long as you don’t eat the sweetened kind of oatmeal, such as cinnamon, banana, or strawberry sweet oatmeal. Choose the oatmeal that is marked as original or unsweetened.

is oatmeal good for you is oatmeal good for you

If carbohydrate is not good for diabetics, why is oatmeal safe to eat? Even though it is a carbohydrate, it is a type of carbohydrate that is safe to eat by diabetics. The reason is because the carbohydrate contains in the oatmeal is not the type that is released to the blood in the form of sugar quickly. The secret to oatmeal is that it is high in fiber so it is digested much more slowly than other carbohydrates. Since it is digested more slowly, it will not raise your blood sugar level as much or as quickly as other type of carbohydrates in rice or bread.

is oatmeal good for diabetics is oatmeal good for diabetics

Another good news is that oatmeal is also a source of energy that can replace other bad carbohydrates such as rice, bread, and potatoes. Therefore it will help you energized during the day while at the same time you are not risking a spike in your blood sugar level.

Also since it contains a lot of fiber, it helps you feel fuller longer. Therefore it will prevent you from overeating, which is really useful for those trying to lose weight. It has been proven in numerous studies that losing weight is a big factor in managing or reversing diabetes.

This is a very good news for those with type 2 diabetes, since they are usually either obese or overweight. Together with exercise, a better food selection is a smart choice in managing your diabetes.

oatmeal and blood sugar oatmeal and blood sugar

Is oatmeal good for diabetics? Yes it is. It can help you lower your blood sugar level, as well as help you lose weight if you combine it with smart diet choices and a good exercise program. Next time you are in the grocery store to do your weekly or monthly grocery shopping, please be sure to look for oatmeal to put in your shopping cart. Please be sure to purchase those that are marked as unsweetened. Please consult with your doctor and dietitian or diabetes counselor for further advice in managing your diabetes.

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