Is Sensa Safe for Diabetics

by admin on May 22, 2013

If you look at the main causes for diabetics, one of them is being overweight. That is why in almost every case of diabetes you are advised to first and foremost lose weight, since weight loss significantly increases the chance not only to control your blood sugar, but in quite a few instances reverse the impact of diabetes. One of the most sought after tools to lose weight is Sensa. The question then comes up, is Sensa safe for diabetics. The explanation here might surprise you.

Is Sensa Safe for Diabetics

is sensa safe for diabetics is sensa safe for diabetics

There are many ways to lose weight; some are more effective than others. It is easy for us to pick the one that provides us with the biggest and fastest weight loss. The question is, how safe is it? Are there any side effects? The reason is some of the most popular weight loss programs out there have side effects that you don’t want to risk. Some of the side effects are bloating, headache, nausea, sleeplessness, hunger, and constipation just to name a few. If you have diabetes, your choice is even further limited. So when it comes to Sensa, the question remains: is Sensa safe for diabetics.

The answer lies on how Sensa works. First of all, diabetics have a very sensitive blood sugar reaction. The reason is simple: the insulin produced by the body is not enough, or non-existent, to handle the amount of food intake especially those that contains a lot of carb. Too much carb, the glucose will jump up high in a short time. This can cause a lot of problem including long term side effects. On the other hand, too little carb and the glucose will drop down to a very low number which of course is dangerous, since a low glucose level can cause serious problems such as lightheadedness, trembling, weakness, even fainting.

is sensa safe for diabetics - can diabetics use sensa can diabetics use sensa

Based on the issues listed above, any weight loss programs that have any impact on the glucose level will definitely have adverse reaction to diabetics, and hence should be avoided. So is Sensa safe for diabetics? This is where Sensa comes into play because Sensa does not affect our body metabolism directly. The way Sensa works is by altering our taste and smell senses, making us craving food less, with the obvious effect that we do not want to eat more than we actually need. All you need to do is to have meals regularly with the proper portion as usual, which is preferably 5 small meals per day instead of the common 3 meals a day. The reason is with a smaller portion, but more in frequency, your metabolism will be active all day long and avoid an up and down metabolism which can cause glucose imbalance in your system.

is sensa good for diabetics is sensa good for diabetics

So to answer the question in the beginning of this article, is Sensa safe for diabetics, the answer is yes. However, just like any other weight loss system, you must consult with your doctor and dietician to make sure you do not have any other underlying medical problem that may affect your overall health before you take Sensa.

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