How Often Should a Diabetic Eat

by admin on May 13, 2013

The key to managing diabetes is by making sure your blood sugar level, or more commonly known as glucose level, is as stable as possible. This is why daily blood sugar test is critical. However, not many people know that not only what we eat is important, but how often should a diabetic eat, is one of the biggest factors in a success in managing diabetes. The answer to the question of how often should a diabetic eat might surprise you. Read further to find some interesting facts.

How Often Should a Diabetic Eat

how often should a diabetic eat how often should a diabetic eat

As you probably already know, living with diabetes means making sure you eat right, and exercise right. That is a life style change which is much more powerful than, say, metformin or other medication for diabetes prescribed by your doctor. The reason is because proper diet combined with moderate exercise or an active life style, have the same effect or even better than what any medication can do. The bonus is that proper diet and moderate exercise also have a host of added benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, strengthening your bones and muscles, and improving your cardiovascular overall health.

How often should a diabetic eat? This question is very important because one very important factor that not too many people realize: the biggest problem a diabetic should avoid is having a big ups and downs in their blood sugar level. That is why keeping your blood sugar at the same level is the key.

what foods should diabetics avoid what foods should diabetics avoid

The problem with our society is that we are used to eating three meals a day. Some people even only eat twice a day, skipping breakfast. This is a very unhealthy behavior indeed simply for the fact that most people tend to eat more because they only have two, or three, meals a day. For a diabetic, the result can be really damaging: a sudden surge of blood sugar, followed by a severe drop of blood sugar in between meals.

Studies after studies show, that the best and most optimal way of not only weight loss, but also managing a steady blood sugar level, is by eating five times a day. The key to this life style change is by eating a smaller meal each time. The reason is obvious, by eating smaller portions, you will not experience a big jump of blood sugar level. On the other hand, before your blood sugar drops down so low, it is already time for another small meal. Hence a much steadier blood sugar level throughout the day.

what to eat if you have diabetes what to eat if you have diabetes

So the answer to the question of how often should a diabetic eat, is by eating five smaller meals. Most studies suggest having a hearty breakfast, a small snack around 10AM, a good sized lunch, followed by another snack around 3PM or whatever time suits your schedule, and a sensible dinner at your earliest convenience.

Here is an extra advice for you based on a lot of studies by researchers on this subject. Having a bigger breakfast, and a smaller dinner, will improve your result much dramatically. The reason is really simple and makes good sense: the meal you eat during breakfast will be used to power your metabolism, while the meal you eat during dinner, will be processed by your body while you sleep, and usually ends up piling up as extra body fat.

I hope this article about how often should a diabetic eat can help answer your question and motivate you to make better choices and healthier life style.

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maria hetterley August 3, 2013 at 10:57 am

I have type 2 diabetes which I have insulin for, I have been told that I should eat 3 times a day when I take my insulin.
my partner also has diabetes type 2 for which he has tablets & he has also been told to eat 3 times a day, which we both do.
My partners sister has been diagnosed as having type 2 about 4 months ago but couldn’t get on with the tablets & has now gone onto the new drug that has recently gone on the market, how often should she eat with this new drug? she said she has been told she only needs to eat if she feels like it, that doesn’t sound right to me, so could you please give me some advice as I think she has got this wrong. thankyou maria


Ben November 9, 2013 at 8:14 pm

If everyone can eat if they feel like it, then that is a big problem for obese people, or for those who overeat. A good dietician will tell you to eat 5 smaller portions throughout the day to keep the blood sugar stable.


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