Cure For Type 1 Diabetes 2012

June 16, 2017

For decades scientists have been trying to find the cause of diabetes, as well as the cure for diabetes. While type 2 diabetes can be managed, and in many cases even reversed, by employing a good combination of diet and exercise, the cure for type 1 diabetes remains elusive. Until today. Cure for type 1 [...]

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How Does Type 1 Diabetes Affect The Body

June 15, 2017

Diabetes is a disease that affects our body’s ability to process glucose in our blood. Obviously, since the amount of glucose in our body can not be neither too high nor too low, the presence of glucose is an important factor to consider. How does type 1 diabetes affect the body? This is the question [...]

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Diabetes Rates by Country

April 24, 2017

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing non communicable diseases in the world. The rate of each country varies wildly, so obviously it is of high interest to know diabetes rates by country using the latest available data. The finding has a lot of surprises. From the latest available figure, which is from 2010, it [...]

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Agave Nectar and Diabetes

April 1, 2017

If you have diabetes, you will want to watch what you eat and drink. Foods with a lot of carb and sugar content are something you should avoid since they have high GI, or glycemic index. How about alternative sweetener? How about agave nectar and diabetes? Is it safe? We will explore agave nectar and [...]

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Meals for Diabetics Type 2

March 29, 2017

Most people have this misconception that if you have diabetes type 2 then your options for meals will be severely limited. Meals for diabetics type 2 are delicious, rich and varied if you know what to choose. Meals for diabetics type 2 – overview First you should know about glycemic index, which measures how fast [...]

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Is Oatmeal Good For Diabetics?

January 22, 2014

Diabetics must choose their food carefully. Eating the wrong food can lead to serious effects such as nausea, dizziness, and in rare cases death. One of the most popular quick fix foods is oatmeal. Is oatmeal good for diabetics? The foods diabetics must avoid are those that fall into the high glycemic index food. High [...]

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